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Science proofed, driven by change.

The world is facing a paradigm shift. Over 70% of all people that seeks health care are chronically ill, and the health care system is set up for acute injury. We want to fix this.

The future is in light, biochemical, photobiomodulation. Preventing neurological deceases, taking aim at chronic pain, and improving your everyday performance. Did you know, by the way, that you have light receptors under your skull? What can light do to enhance your brain performance? Decrease inflammation? Thyroid? Or just brain hack to get more ”on the edge” towards a competition.

6500 articles in pub med, 16 FDA (510k) is providing clinical proof of concept. And of course a lot of science from our researchers in the US, included fMRI.

Food is medicine, more proof today then ever. What are you doing to enlighten your microbiota? Are you aware about the 9 to 1 relationship between the brain and the gut? Where do you think that your chronic deceases are born?

Have you heard about the cirkadian rhythm? Concepts like these are what our customers are aware of, what they are adopting, its the way of Human recharge.

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